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About Grief

There is no easy way around grief. It is a natural response to the loss of someone special or something we value.

The words 'death' and 'grief' often go together. But we need to think in terms of loss and grief - we grieve whenever an unwanted life event disrupts our world and forces change, uncertainty and emotional pain upon us.

Grief is not well understood in our society and some people try to deny it, postpone it or dodge it.

However, we need to do our grieving, we need to work through all the challenges it presents, we need to make the big and small adjustments in our daily life, whether we like it or not.

That’s what we call our ‘grief work’.

Grief is a teacher – through loss we can grow in courage and wisdom and learn to appreciate the pain and loneliness of others.

We can learn there is no shame in crying, there is no shame in asking for help along the way.

About Doris Zagdanski

Doris wrote her first book on teenagers and grief in 1990 and has since created an identity as a well-known author, educator and trainer in the field of empathy and grief awareness.

Whilst Doris began her career as a high school teacher, after the sudden death of her daughter Claire in 1980, she found herself in a life and career changing space. She has since spent many years keeping company with grieving people – she listens to their stories, hears their pain and understands their feelings. Her books all feature their stories, their quotes, their messages.

For over 30 years, she forged a career in the funeral industry, writing and delivering training programs and working on the front line as a funeral director and funeral celebrant. Doris is considered a ‘thought leader’ in her field and brings a unique style and compelling message to her grief and empathy training.

 To contact Doris and enquire about her availability as a guest speaker, click here.

Here’s what audiences say about Doris:

  • “Fantastic presenter, loved the passion and knowledge.”
  • “Having experienced grief, everything you talked about was spot on.”
  • “What an amazing speaker Doris is. I was spellbound listening to her.”

By Doris Zagdanski

stuck for words 300

Stuck for Words

What to say to someone who is grieving.

You’ll learn about grief and empathy and how to have meaningful conversations with grieving people –filled with their stories and their tips for what helps and hinders. Plus, 10 practical exercises to test your empathy skills – with suggested responses.

ebook $9.99 - 153 pages


What's Dead Mean?

An activity book for young children and their parents/carers to explain death,funerals,cemeteries, grief and more.Lots of examples of helpful language to explain a challenging subject.


funeral is over-300

Now That the Funeral is Over

The common sense guide for grieving people.

Here you have a contemporary explanation of grief and its effects. There are no stages or phases to follow, just your ‘grief work’ to do. And as you turn each page, there is an inspirational quote to guide you. And some tips for relatives and friends

$15.99 - 58 pages


Now that the Funeral is Over


A handy give-away to a friend or client who is grieving.

$5.99* or $4.50 for 40+

new-when-pets-die bd

When Pets Die

It’s Alright to Grieve.

This book helps readers to understand why it’s important to allow yourself to grieve when your pet companion dies. It combines helpful grief guidelines with thoughtful quotes, poems and real stories from pet lovers who share their experiences with you. There are even suggestions for friends about what to say and do when they know someone who is grieving.

OUT OF STOCK. Available at:


Teenagers and Grief

Through interviews with teens, learn what they say about their grief and how adults can help. A must have for teens and their family, teachers and counsellors.

$17.99 - 104 pages


33 Things to Say ... When You Know  Someone who is Grieving (Free eBook PDF)

The common sense guide for grieving people.

In this booklet, you will learn what to say when someone tells you about their grief. It is filled with suggested responses which show what helps and what hinders.

Free download - 34 pages

Copy of Untitled

Do Funerals really matter?

Article written for NALAG.

Grief and loss author and speaker, Doris Zagdanski, is featured in the 2021 edition of NALAG Changes magazine, with an article explaining the importance of funerals and how they help with our grief.

Free download

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How to talk to Children about death

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Meet the Author

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