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New loss and grief resource

We are excited to tell you about an innovative, new project which Doris has been working on – a new website called

My GriefAssist is a community initiative by InvoCare, the company Doris works for when she is not writing books of her own.

Doris is the Convenor of and has written and developed the contents for this website. It’s a place to find a broad range of helpful information about loss and grief. This includes free fact sheets, links to support services, videos, grief poetry, quotes and songs...and much more.

Doris is particularly proud about the inclusion of a signature video called ‘Coping with your Grief’ which is a moving photo story explaining some of the elements that you may experience in your grief. This is coupled with another exclusive, high quality audio meditation piece to help grieving people accept their current state of grief.

If you work with grieving people, or you yourself are grieving, this is the perfect place to start gathering the information and tools you need.

Doris invites you to subscribe to to receive regular news updates on items of interest and educational events.

My GriefAssist is an additional resource to our own website  where you can continue to purchase Doris’ books at our online bookshop and access our information and resources on grief.



My Grief Assist

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