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Doris Zagdanski


Doris wrote her first book on teenagers and grief in 1990 and has since created an identity as a well-known author, educator and trainer in the field of grief awareness.

Doris was born and raised in Geelong, Victoria. She graduated from Monash University, and began her career as a secondary school teacher.

In 1980, Doris’ two-month old daughter Claire died as a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - this became a life and career changing event.

Some years after, together with the local Coroner's department, Doris established a support system for bereaved parents and became a Home Visitor to all SIDS families in the Geelong region. This lead to a long involvement with the Melbourne based Sudden Infant Death Research Foundation where Doris was amongst the original team of volunteers who helped to launch Red Nose Day in Australia.

Through this work, Doris was introduced to a local funeral company in 1984 which offered her a role in community relations and grief education. This raised Doris' profile in the funeral industry and saw her become a regular training facilitator for the Australian Funeral Directors Association. Today, she is widely known and respected throughout the funeral profession and is a Past President of the Australian Funeral Directors Association - Queensland Division.

Doris is currently employed by InvoCare, Australasia’s largest group of funeral, cemetery and crematorium operators. She holds the position of General Manager for Corporate Projects and is the Convenor of InvoCare’s website dedicated exclusively to contemporary information on loss and grief.

She spends much of her time travelling around Australia running educational seminars and is one of Australia’s well known identities in this area. She communicates a compelling message with a blend of humour, empathy and passion for her field – and always coloured with the real words of real grieving people.

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